A-list Textilist

Sunday, July 30, 2006

A-list Textilist

Remember this?
Hi I meant today to be a studio day and now it is 5:oo. I am doing a job for someone and I thought the inital consult would take 1 hour and I ended up there for 3 + hours! I am freaking out that I have not sent you anything.... And we have to send our bios and pics today!
Any way.... I found this in the studio today and thought it was an interesting way to hold the puzzles and images? But I am still really liking the "dream" image.

What do you mean puzzle image at the top? and then progress down to textile threads?
Not sure I get that. Please explain.
I am not going out tonight so I am working in here now! (I unfortunately have to make dinner though. Food takes up too much time!)


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