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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


John arrived in Toronto on Thursday Afternoon about 4 PM after driving 8 hours from Woodstock. We began work almost immediately. I was feeling trepidation and unsure how to break out of the Frame of the puzzles. And to move away from the images and see the puzzles more as shapes and structural elements. Johns piece was so large and overwhelming in it's beauty I got intimidated. While we first discussed this as a collaborative where we would send images and objects, cloth, puzzles etc back and forth and work from that it didn't really happen that way. I was not able to figure out how to do what I had in my mind. SO I have to say that I relied on John to start and then I worked off of what he sent. In the end the collaborative part while not what we thought it would be still was really interesting and helped me to break out of the frame, and thus see the work as more three dimentional - in ways I didn't expect. While the work doesn't look anything like I think either of us had imagined when we first started - I am very very happy with the results. What follows are some images so that you can see the progress of the actual work.

As best I can I am going to divide the pictures up to show the progress of the piece. We officially finished it yesterday around 6 PM.


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