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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Could you deal with getting something like this?

I am working on sewing these together and adding embroidered imagery.


At 9:45 AM, Blogger Fibermiss said...

Hmm deal with? welll I think it might be helpful to start with something bigger but I am still overwhelmed by the specific images. Once again I am not sure how to integrate these with my images and how they relate? That has always been my problem with this.... As I said maybe I just have to ignore them and just see it as a pattern and play into that?
I like the look of it that is for sure. But my images are so much subtler that it is hard to figure out how to use this. You know maybe I should just ignore the puzzles I have that fit togher and just use random pieces to create a new layer on this? I was discribing what we are doing to a non visual art friend (he is a theatre person) and he said. "Oh so you are cutting up the knitting into jigsaw like pieces and putting them back togher?" that gave me a new idea to treat your stuff like paper and but it into shapes and make it into a puzzle like thing? Does this make sense?


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