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Monday, July 31, 2006

Press image

Text ColorHere is the image I sent for publicity. I hope it represents the final well enough. Any way it shows the ideas we are working with. I hope you like it.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Finally something for you to see

some puzzles I am playing with


I forgot about that. I think I did it in SF. It looks somewhere between the plastered underwear from Cranbrook and the Miss Utah becomes Miss America. I think that was 1984.

But yes I am thinking a bit along those lines, but less "cagey"

Lost image

Yeah I finally was able to up load. Here is the lost image. Remember this? you did it at Cranbrook I think? I love the way it is held inside "the thread cage".

Just a thought.

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Shit I find this blog site confusing!

Now I can't up load the picture and then I uploaded the blog twice! Sorry!

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Remember this?
Hi I meant today to be a studio day and now it is 5:oo. I am doing a job for someone and I thought the inital consult would take 1 hour and I ended up there for 3 + hours! I am freaking out that I have not sent you anything.... And we have to send our bios and pics today!
Any way.... I found this in the studio today and thought it was an interesting way to hold the puzzles and images? But I am still really liking the "dream" image.

What do you mean puzzle image at the top? and then progress down to textile threads?
Not sure I get that. Please explain.
I am not going out tonight so I am working in here now! (I unfortunately have to make dinner though. Food takes up too much time!)

I like the idea that came out of the dream.
I was thinking that maybe it all could be a puzzle image , say at the top. and become a textile image, using the threads to connect. I'm working on drawings of the idea now and hope to get something posted. I don't think that we can have a profile image for the group blog. But we may somehow be able to add one to the sidebar or header.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The two of us

Have been trying to put this up on our profile. Wasting too much time on it. So just posting it here.
We both have to have a bio and we need the images..... by tomorrow.

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Middle of the night dream

So I had this idea in a dream in the middle of the night. I was too tired to write it down and I am so happy I remembered when I woke up! So I saw a large piece that has is maybe crocheted? with frames of crochet that a yarn hangs down from and then there is a square (?) inside it that dangles and can be turned around. So that each piece has a knit side and a puzzle side? So the viewer can switch them around. so it creates different patterns or textures or images or? The one fear is that people will steal them by pulling them off. The area where the work is shown is not monitored. Maybe they are attached top and bottom so that it causes a twist in the yarn that holds them on? Does this make sense?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I have been thinking about attaching the fabric and the puzzle(d) pieces. Maybe the ends of the cloth could be partially unraveled and put between pieces of the puzzle. I should find a puzzle and see if it could work. Then I think the integration of the parts would be better and interesting. With puzzle imagery and knit imagery all bound up into one.


I don't think we need to be too worried about "the Theme" perse. It will come through in the textures and the thoughts of the viewer when they imagine what it would feel like to sleep under.
I am at work now but will send you images ASAP.
I like the combos of our faces. But I realize I have not given you anything to go on. I promise it will come. Life seems to take over before I get to making images.

More later.....

Friday, July 21, 2006

I was thinking that the theme was hand face whatever the show title is. Sort of relates to things that we both think about.

How will the puzzle"feel" next to the cloth?

I've been thinking about what is collaboration and what does each artist bring to a collaboration. and what makes the final work the work of both artists?

Just what I've been thinking about.

On the technical front. The machine is sensitive to the humidity, not much knitting has been happening. I'd like to get some other images going. Not the faces I've been working with, Which do fit into the "theme" but I have already been working on getting them to be a "blanket of sorts,
Anyway looking for inspiration

Thursday, July 20, 2006

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Change of plans
I just found out I have to go to work tonight.

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need a break!
I am off to the post office and a couple little things. Back in time to cut and paste with Oprah.

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A-list Textilist
I still haven't done anything worth showing.... or well, I still haven't done anything. It's 3:00 what is wrong with me? I am stuck in blogger world trying to figure out how to add a profil pic for us. good procrastination tool....

Hey why can't I add a photo?

Why I can't think?

My desk at 11:45 Am and one corner of my studio. Those are all puzzles on the wall. Since then I have cleared up my desk. Well clear for me..... Maybe this is partly why I can't remember things like the fact that you started this blog for us and I contributed a pass word....

So for today on our shared blog: I don't know where to begin. I will post some images of small puzzles I thought I would start with but now I am thinking that I can take pieces from any puzzles and don't need to use the small ones. So since I have over 300 (see above for one wall of puzzles) I am overwhelmed. I wish we had a theme or framework or some perameters besides the loose ones we have. I guess I will start with Do-Rae-Me and just try to figure out how I will cut and paste so to speak into the knitted images. Can I cut them with out them falling apart? I can easily scan puzzle images from the boxes but it is not as easy to scan them when they are collaged. Pictures tend to glare but I will do my best to get you something in the next few days.

Yesterday went to see the Fray show at The Textile Museum of Canada. You should be in that show! I think you would like some of the work. Anyway got the Textile Society of America brochure for the 10th Biennal symposium here October 11-14. Wow it is so expensive to go! $375 US for the whole thing plus more for special events and tours! Any way there is a tour by Sara Quinton om Simdau Oct. 15 of Artists studios who are in the Fray show and will also include lunch at the Gladsone Hotel and seeing the show Hand Face Body. So that is nice. I am sending you the brochure via snail mail today.

Ok off to cut your face up!